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  • How many session of body roll can i do in a week?
    The amount of BODYROLL session one can do are not limited as they serve different purposes. We recommend a minimum of 2 session a week for the ultimate results. If you wish to tone or reduce the appearance of cellulite we recommend you do at least 2 sessions so you can achieve your goal. One can also do BODYROLL for a week if you are doing it for detoxing purpose.
  • What is body roll?
    BODYROLL is a full-body deep tissue lymphatic drainage massage. This is a 45 minute session where we cover 15 different positions. Starting with feet and finishing with arms.
  • What does BODY ROLL machines do?
    Body Roll offers variety of benefits., it is a lymphatic drainage massage that helps relieve muscle tension, eliminate unnecessary toxins from the body, aid in cellulite reduction, tone your body, and firm your skin.
  • Is body roll good for detoxification?
    Yes, the process of detoxification is an interesting one and one to be understood properly. Here at BODYROLL we believe that the ultimate detox can only be embarked on once one has ensured that their lymph system is flowing properly and that their metabolism is functioning well. A detox does not start with completely changing your diet plan.
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